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❤️Hello there as you can see I'm Kathy. Welcome to my page hope you enjoy my art and feel free to talk with me no need to be shy at all. Though I am shy myself so yea.: ) If needed be about commissions you will need to look here about them so I may show you your options.❤️

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Kathy’s P.O.V

I stood there in the rain letting it pour down on me. I loved the rain so getting wet was no big deal for me. Crazy how I’m a cat who likes the rain.I could stand in the rain for hours, days maybe.

Then I felt someone tug on my sweater roughly. I turn around quickly to see Cathy.

“Home, now.” She glared at me. I let out a sigh and walked with her through the rain.

“I honestly don’t see whats wrong with me standing in the rain!” I yell over the loud pouring rain.

“Everything is wrong with you standing in the rain!” She yelled back to me while I walked behind her.

“Oh yea then what?” I growl back over the rain. The rain was my sanctuary, my peace, the thing that would let me forget about everything for a while.

“Wait nevermind!” I yell over the rain because I knew asking her that question was a bad idea because she would go into full sciency mode on me.
She didn’t respond to me but her tail twitched back and forth like she wanted to speak to me but she didn’t.


When we finnaly got hom we walked to the bathroom where she took a towel and handed it to me.

“Thank you.” I say quietly as I dried my hair. I realized I started shivering ever since I got inside.

I look over to see whether Cathy saw me shiver and she did. She stared at me as she dried her hair with a towel then she started to go into her science mode or smart mode I should call it.

“Everything is wrong with standing you standing in the rain. You know why…? Becau-“

“Gahh don’t start!” I groan and walk out the bathroom quickly.

“No listen to me.” She said angrily while grabbing my arm.

“It’s wrong because if you stand in the rain too long with no umbrella or anything sheltering you you can get a fever. If you stay there for hours you could possibly faint from a unknown fever because you’re just standing there. Kathy I care for your health and standing in the ran is not an option for me okay? I mean look at you you’re shivering!” She exclaims to me.
Wow, that was shorter then her other explanations.

“I’m fine!” I say and make her let go of my arm. I then feel a pounding in my head but I ignore it.

“All I need to do is just sit by the fire.” I said while walking into the living room and sitting by the fireplace that had a firing burning.

“I did that for you because I knew you would be cold.” She sighed and sat down next to me in front of the fire.

I felt my hands get cold too so I put my hands out to the fire to warm them up. Cathy leans on my side while looking at the fire quietly. Then I hear little paw steps come behind us but I already know that it’s Kyo so I don’t look back. He walks in front of us with a large fuzzy blanket in his jaws and brings it up to me.

“No.” I glare at him I hate it when people worry about me.

“Tak et.” His voice is muffled from the blanket in his mouth and he glares back at me with his long tail twitching. I glare at him for a while and grab it. I wrap it around Cathy and me while we sat by the fire.

“Bleh.” He sticks out his tounge and sits on his butt.

“Do you now how blankets taste?” Kyo said while looking up at me with his cat like eyes.

“No. What does it taste like?” I smile a bit.

“Even though they’re warm and fuzzy they taste like a ball of wool in your mouth.” He said while padding away from me and jumping on the couch.

“Well thank you because I never intended to ever put a blanket in my mouth but now I really don’t.” I laugh at him.
His ear twitched and he gave me a smile. Then he sniffed the air for a bit.

“Yuji is coming.” He announced and settle himself on the couch.
He was right because I heard footsteps making their way down the steps. Then I heard a soft plop behind Cathy and me. I turned my head to see dry clothes  for me and Cathy to wear.

“I knew you two wouldn’t be smart enough to put dry clothes on.” He said while looking down at me and Cathy blankly. Cathy and me stared at him for a while.

“Shut up.” Cathy said while taking the clothes and marching upstairs to the bathroom.

“Then that means I’ll take the bathroom down here.” I rolled my eyes and went to the bathroom. When I got out, I heard Cathy having a small uncomfortable argument at the door.

“Get out she doesn’t want to see you now shoo.” I heard Cathy say to the person at the door while I kept my difference from the door.

“Cathy lets be real here…or serious I suppose. Move so I can talk with her for a bit.” I heard a familiar voice say.

“N-no go away!” I heard her try to argue but then I saw him come in.

“Get out Scythe.” I said irritably. He just smiled at me he looked soaked from the rain but he still walked towards her despite leaving puddles on the floor.

“What do you want?” I growl while backing away squinting my eyes at him. Then Yuji came down stairs and glared at him from afar like Cathy and Kyo were.

“Geeze I can’t come see you for other things? Everytime I come here it seems like you all want to shoot me.” He sighed.

“Well yeah because you don’t come in invited you break in through my window. Even when I locked, you managed to break into my room. This is your first time using the door…I’m actually proud of you a bit.” I nod a bit.

“Shut up, I didn’t come here to get a lecture. I came to tell you about this weird thing me Ace and Kukia found.” He said fianally.

“That’s hard to believe.” Yuji growled and went to my side.

“Yeah you never hang around Kukia!” Kyo said while padding next to me and standing in defense.

“Listen…cat thing I did not ask for your inpu-“

“I’m not a cat!” Kyo yowled at him with his tail lashing from side to side.

“Then what the hell are you?” Scythe growled looking down at Kyo. Silence filled the air.

“I don’t know but s-shut up!” Kyo said defensefly and bounce from side to side in defense mode.

“Okay enough with the bickering!” I said while picking Kyo up so he could crawl on my shoulder to sit.

“I’m telling the truth. We found this weird diamond thing by the big tree you usally go to. It was just sitting there glowing so Kukia happened to be with Ace and it continued to glow but we don’t know why, so Kukia suggested for me to bring you since you might have an idea why.”

“Why would I know why a random diamond is glowing by my tree?” I said while placing a hand on my hip and tilting my head to the side.

“Just come. I’m actually intrested too, it’s mysterious and all.” He said while walking to the door.

“You coming or what?” He said while leaving his hand on the door knob. I glance at the others and they looked curious just like Scythe.

“Fine lets go.” I sigh.


When we’re half way there I feel this weird source of energy slam into me. It felt like a heart beat. It would come at me at the same pace as a heart beat. I squeezed my umbrella tight while I walked side by side with Cathy with Yuji walking in front of us and Scythe keeping his distance from us in the very front.

“I don’t like this…” I muttered quietly to Cathy.

“Why not?” Cathy muttered staring forward. I looked her over and she looked excited, things like this intrigued her a lot.

“I feel this weird feeling like this random energy coming to me and then leaving.” I say while still walking behind Yuji with the large tree in distance.

“Strange.” Cathy said with no care because her eyes were on the tree only. In the distance you could see Kukia, Ace, and even Ren had joined them. One thing was for sure that Scythe wasn't lying about a diamond glowing.

When we approached it the diamond started to glow even more so I stopped while everyone walked ahead. I didn't like it…it was strange and something told me it wasn't safe. Everyone surrounded it but me letting the green light emit from the green diamond. Cathy notice I wasn't there to see too and I hadn't even notice that Kyo jumped off my shoulder and was with them.

“Come here.” She beckoned me but I shook my head no quickly.

“Why not? It’s not going to bite you. Look.” Cathy said while crouching down to touch the green diamond.

“No! Don’t touch it!” I yelled without thinking. Something was telling me that it was dangerous. It was screaming out dangerous just by the looks of it.

“Fine then you come touch it.” Scythe growled.

“No…I…it’s weird. Where did it even come from?” I say while backing away.

“We don’t know that’s why we need to take it to Cathy’s lab to check it out.” Ace said while loking down at it.

“Come here Kathy it won’t hurt you.” Ace beckoned her without looking at her.

“No…I’m telling you this weird source of energy is coming from it and it’s a lot of energy. It’s so much that it’s scary.” I said while clutching my umbrella handle. Then Scythe went and grabbed my arm roughly and pulled me near it.

Nothing happened but the energy I was feeling before was stronger now and it felt like it was stretching everywhere reaching out to me like it was giving me a hand. I tilted my head to the side and it seemed like the green shining light consumed me.

“Come! Come here!” It chanted to me. I felt like I was just imagining things but then I didn't.

“Kathy, come here!” It chanted again and without thinking, I got on my knees near it. I slowly reached out to touch it.

Don’t! Don’t do it! My inner thought told me but the voice of the little diamond was greater and I touched it. Everything happened so fast that I keep track of it. The green light shined brighter then ever and as bright as the sun. Everyone covered there eyes and drew back from it.

“Kathy move!” I heard someone yell to me but it seemed like the light held me in place. I tried to move and I couldn't every time I tried to get up it seemed like something pulled me back down to the diamond.

“H-help!” I yelled still trying to get away from it. The light continued to glow and then it seemed to make a circle on the ground. The large light on the ground grew wider and wider by the second.

“I can’t move!” I yelled in fear and Kyo bounded next to me. The light on the ground opened up some kind of portal and I fell. Kyo fell. Everyone fell in. Light was everywhere. Then it all went black.


“Wake up…” I heard a voice tell me.

“Are they dead?”I heard another voice say.

“I don’t think so…were did all these people come from?” I heard a female voice say in worry.

“I don’t know there about 1, 2, 3….10, 13? I think…excluding that cat thing.”

“Hey look cat girl is waking up!” The female said excitedly.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a blue hedgehog and a pink hedgehog standing over me. I blink twice and look at them and I realized there were other people around me too. I slowly sit up and look straight ahead and at no one else.

“Hey are you okay?” The pink hedgehog said behind me.

“My name is not cat girl. It’s Kathy the cat.” I turn around to glare at her and the rest of the people who came to look at me.
Kathy’s P.O.V

I had an almost nice childhood…I had a mother who loved me to pieces. She took care of me and made sure no one would harm me. When I was just 3 years old my father disappeard out of my life forever. I don’t remember much from it…I hardly remember how he even looked. I just remember his yellow percing eyes starring at me all the time while my mother tended to me and I would just stare back. He never held me or talked to me just stared at me with no emotion but I felt that something was odd with him but I never knew what it was. Then one day I remembered yelling and my mom came to me and smiled at me telling me that me and her were alone now and it was just the two of us and I hugged her knowing that she was all I had.

Then the dreadful day when I wanted to go the park when I was 4 years old. This fire came out of nowhere andit spreaded and wouldn’t stop. I saw my mother and tried to run to her but then this tree fell blocking me from her. I was determined to get to her so I tried to touch the fire but she yelled at me to run and to keep running and to take care of myself. I did as she told me and I ran far away from the park with the fire truck sirens in the distence. I cried…and I cried…but then I stopped because I knew that crying couldn’t change that my mother was gone and I was alone.

I wandered around as just a 4 year old girl. I found a abandon house and I lived there. I fended for myself by walking onto public buses then when people got off I would take the change that was left there to buy the things I needed to survive. Then 2 years later I was going for a walk and I spotted a little girl in the pouring rain and she stared back at me. I eventually ended up taking care of her to and it was easier for me to get things for her because all I had to do was to walk up to a market and we would both stare at the salesman and he would give us stuff for free since he pittied us. The girl was always quiet but would always hold onto my shirt or hold my hand when we walked. She clung to me but never uttered a word. Then one day  found a box of tools and brought it home I had it in mind to sell it for money so then I could take care both her and me but then when
I picked it up to take it to be sold. She spoke to me.
“No!” She yelled at me in her tiny voice. I looked at her quietly because she never spoke so it was a first.

“No!” She said again and got up from where she was watching me. She went over to me and looked up at me. She got on her tiptoes and pulled at the box of tools.

“Gimme.” She said still trying to get the box. I blinked at her so I decided to test her.

“What’s your name?” I said while moving the box out of her reach. She frowned at me and grab my shirt lightly.

“Gimme!” She whined about to cry.

“Tell me your name.” I said while still holding the box from her.

“Ca-thy.” She whimpered still looking at the box of tools.

“Here.” I smiled at her and put the box on the floor.

“Tank you.” She said in her small tiny voice and she rummaged throughout the box of tools. From there
Cathy with my similar sounding name but with a C started to make these little gadgets and would show it off to me. It was very impressive for a little 4 year old.

And to this day she still looks at me like a big sister. She even stills build things bigger and greater then what she did before like planes and floating boards and all. She has her little lab in the same house we live in but it looks better now. I’m 19 now and she’s 17 but now its switched. She looks after me instead now. We also have a new roommate. He’s quiet and is more wise then me and Cathy is. I’ve met new people now….new friends…and to this day I am grateful for them…because now they’re going to take me on adventures that I never imagined to be true.
Kathy's Adventure: PROLOGUE
Reaching back into the past.
Hell everyone's doing it now and I was thinking whether I should do literature for Kathy's Adventures instead of a comic. Along with the literature I would put some of my favorite parts from it into a picture because doing a comic would take forever...and from seeing :iconcucumba1:'s work I would like to try it out too like Juliet is doing also...but would you guys like that instead? Since I'm a lazy drawer? XD

And everyone will be in it still no worries for that.
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My Christmas Tree! by xXKathyKittyXx
My Christmas Tree!
:happybounce: :happybounce: <3 See I told you guys I would post it I finished it just now. ^w^ Eeeeeek I was so happy when I did it I'm so happy I'm bouncinh just like these little green guys.<3:happybounce: :happybounce: 

minna daisuki!  (I love you guys!)
Hell everyone's doing it now and I was thinking whether I should do literature for Kathy's Adventures instead of a comic. Along with the literature I would put some of my favorite parts from it into a picture because doing a comic would take forever...and from seeing :iconcucumba1:'s work I would like to try it out too like Juliet is doing also...but would you guys like that instead? Since I'm a lazy drawer? XD

And everyone will be in it still no worries for that.
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: Christmas Music
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